I began knitting and sewing at the age of six, thanks to my mum patiently teaching me (love you mumsie) So that would mean I've been sewing for 33 years! Wow that is a long time ( feeling old)

I love every part of the making process, from idea, to choosing fabric, yarns and trims. I'm always changing small aspects of my designs throughout the process of making them, just to perfect my original idea.

My inspiration comes from just about everywhere, fabrics, colours, pictures, nature and most of all my beautiful children. I love cosy and comfort for the winter months, light linens and floaty florals for the summer.

The most rewarding aspect of my work would be seeing babies and children wearing my finished product. I mean wow! people choose my designs to put on there most precious little person, that to me is such a privilege. It's also such an amazing feeling that I receive such lovely comments from customers and admirers.

Thank you for having a look at my creations, I hope you pop in often, as my product line is continually growing.

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